TRIO - Product-Service Design

  • OPEN IDEO Challenge How Might Parents in Low-Income Communities Ensure Children Thrive in Their First Five Years?
  • Certificate Human Centered Design by Design Thinking methodology
  • Date: October-December 2014
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This was a great opportunity to learn more and put into practice Human-Centered-Design and the Design Thinking methodology. Within a multidisciplinary team, we followed the whole Design process to try to give a solution to that challenge.

The research paths we covered went from the sociological and behavioural aspects of families and children in a determinate neighbourhood in Paris to nutricial education methods and children's psychology. We interviewed families, we visited non-formal education centres and talked with the educators, we contacted and interviewed Matali Crasset, the product designer who brought to life La Maison des Petits du 104. This place was our inspiration and reference for product and service design from a Design thinking methodology.

  • How we stimulate children through creativity & play
  • Sensible area to focus in Paris
  • insights
  • mealtime insights
  • how might we
  • design solution
  • ideation phase
  • ideation phase
  • product schema


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