Lliure o Descansar

  • About: Artistic project
  • Date: 2016-2017
  • Crowdfunding: www.verkami.com/lliure-o-descansar
  • Music Group: Jo Jet i Maria Ribot
  • Role: Project Management & Strategic Design
  • Helping to conduct the 1st phases of the process (analyse and definition) and then heading all into an intense ideation phase . Once the products were defined, I fully dedicated to the strategy of the crowdfunding and helped on the Art Direction as consultant. The last stage was to elaborate the marketing and social media plan of the album and the products within some other team members.

  • Social Media channels:

The aim was not only to produce a music album, but to develop a whole multidisciplinar project, linked by the core concept found in the music of Jo jet i Maria Ribot. That concept was the questioning that ended up being the title of the album : "Are you being free or are you resting?"arras "Lliure o Descansar"

The project

We followed a hybrid of Desing Thinking and Emotional Design, linked to the artistic creation that ended up with the products of the project (click on the links below to see the websites & videos):

Basic CD - Illustrated CD - Bag/pillowcase - Scenography - Interactive Manifiesto - Project website - Videoclip - Video playlist

More info about the process here.

  • Lliure o descansar - Llibre Cd
  • Lliure o Descansar - Cd basic
  • Lliure o Descansar - Bossa
  • lliure o descansar
  • lliure o descansar


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