Page Executive Redesign

  • Client: Page Executive
  • Company: PageGroup
  • Date: 2017
  • Role: Digital Designer (UX/UI)
  • Online: www.pageexecutive.com

The redesign of PageExecutive website was done in a team with Natalia Kurquievicz and Kilia Melia , where each of us contributed with our best skills to create a performant website. As i was in charge of the previous Michael Page redesign, i took the lead on the preparation of the project, helping to avoid previous mistakes and taking care of the UX consistency across the brands and the devices. Also, taking into account the technical restrictions and the ergonomy of the other websites of the group, some new pages needed to be created (such as "find a consultant").

The differentiating points have been the accurate photo style treatment in the website and the choice of colours, that help to approach the target.

  • responsive page executive
  • home mobile
  • old website
  • wireframe


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