Hi! I'm a
Product (UX/UI) Designer
I love to work in dynamic, innovative and user-centered projects

About me

Design thinker at the base. My aim is to create the best solutions by understanding users’ and business’ needs and goals.

Learning by playing and by doing, co-creating, enjoying the processes and building relationships.
User-centered methodology
Iterative process, where the design is based upon an explicit understanding of users, tasks and environments and they are involved throughout design and development.
Design Thinking Process
Human-centered approach to innovation that focuses on three main elements of a product or solution: people, technology, and business. All of these aspects evolve around the customer.
Strategic Product Design
When the analytical and the intuitive skills are holding hands tight, there's a natural talent for research, problem solving/innovation and decision making.


Zurich / Barcelona / Madrid / Lyon / Paris
+34 633 148 748